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Fall and Winter Market

October 22, 2014

Selling a home this time of year can be challenging. I often hear from sellers who are thinking about listing their home but think they will wait until spring when things are busier. There are good things and bad things about doing that. Obviously when you list your home in spring there will be more buyers, more demand. However there is also more competition! Homes do sell in the fall and the winter. You will have less showings, but the quality of showings will be better. There will be fewer buyers who are "just looking". You will have serious showings. Nobody wants to move in the winter (maybe yourself included) but that is why you know when you have a buyer looking in the winter, they have to buy! Homes typically will "show" better in the spring. This is for obvious reasons like green grass, flowers in bloom etc. I always recommend when you have a home that shows especially well in the spring but you are listing in the fall or winter... to dig up some seasonal photos or plan ahead and take some in the summer before you list. While we would recommend using a current photo as your main photo we can definitely use seasonal photos in your listing and at your home to help feature what is great about your home when everything is in bloom! Your competition in the fall and winter will have the same obstacle as you and therefore you won't show any worse than they will, but will have that benefit of at least showing buyers what they will have to look forward to when all the snow melts!

success stories

"Benefit Realty was in our opinion the only way to go when selling your home. Our agent was there for us above and beyond through the whole process start to finish... You save big time."

Larry & Jan,
Brookfield, WI

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